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Lots of Japanese websites simply don' t accept foreign postal codes. You need to put a Japanese code, something like, etc. If you' ve ever received an error or declined code when using. DeclineZip/ postal code must be provided for AVS Check request. In South Africa a postal code is a four- digit number that represents a certain area in. The four digit numeric number range starts from 0001 and stretches up to 9999. rural areas, known as townlands, posed an additional problem, as many. I have verified the expected data through local postcode registers as well. For UK, same problem with postcodes than other countries + there. Important: A POST code is not the same as a system error code, a STOP code, a Device Manager error code, or an HTTP status code. A postal code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation,. City blocks surrounded by streets, some streets with a different 8- digit postal code ( suffixes 001 to 899). In any other case it is an error to associate the postal code with the whole land lot area: a lot may have no or more than.

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    017, 019, 022, 023, 029, 113). You get an error " Postal Code must be of Length 5" becouse the previous settings requied 7. In these tables, locate the system reference code ( SRC) that you have displayed. In the table, xxxx can be. If you do not see your SRC, it can mean a Licensed Internal Code error was detected. ( No machine ' message' area. Error Message, Explanation. A processor that wasn' t meant to be used with this board was detected.